This blog is about the Aramaic Tanakh and the traditions and practices of the small number of Aramaic Karaites.

The Aramaic Karaite Union was founded by Hakham Bashi Daniel Akbulut in Iraq in the year 1920 to promote a Karaite expression of the Jewish faith based on texts and traditions of the Hebrew-Aramaic Karaites of ancient times who had once resided in the Middle East and Mesopotamia. Akbulut passed away in 1946 leaving a council of elders to assist in the promotion of the faith.  Some of the articles appearing on this blog are based on Akbulut’s writings.

Aramaic Karaites love Israel and the Jewish people as a whole; they love and worship the One God of Israel and follow, to the best of their ability, God’s Law the Aurayta (Torah), especially the Ten Commandments; Karaites of the Eastern Aramaic Tradition have an affinity toward the Aramaic Tanakh believing it to predate the commonly used Masoretic Text. The Faith is mainly characterized by its adherents’ love and worship of the One God of Israel and devotion to the Aramaic Scriptures.


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